Written by: Ginger Stephens


I thought I might let May 5th come and go this year without looking back to 2020. But as the day has gone on, I realize I simply can’t. May 5, 2020, we lost our home to fire in the night. The days and weeks that followed were some of the most difficult I have ever experienced. It was also a season of great spiritual growth.

Although it is impossible to explain all that occurred that night and weeks following, the word that God gave me was LISTEN. He had actually brought it to my attention during the day before the fire. I didn’t understand it at that time, but he was preparing me for the weeks ahead.

Here are two of my journal entries from the days after the fire. During the month of May, I hope you will remember to LISTEN.

“May 10: No words. Life as I know it ended at 2:54 am on May 5, 2020. Gone. Everything we built. Everything my boys saved. Everything we had accumulated was gone in 45 minutes.

Numb. That’s what I feel. Scared. How will we recover? How will this affect my boys?
Fear. I’m hiding. From friends, from work, from clients and family.

LISTEN. That is what God spoke to me last week. Be still and listen. Silence the busyness, the learning, the doing, and listen.

Grateful. God I am entirely grateful that you spared my family. Only a few more moments and we could have been trapped. The house was consumed in 45 minutes. Thank you God for keeping us all safe.

May 12: Things I never what to forget—

  • The feeling when I realized I had nothing to my name except the clothes on my body.
  • The relief I felt when I knew Hunter was home and we were all safe.
  • The despair I felt as I stopped and looked back at the burning remains of my home.
  • The gratitude for friends who immediately brought food, clothes, and essentials.
  • The cross burnt into the remains of the chimney.
  • The rainbow I saw over the ruins of my house. A promise to restore.
  • Cole’s humble responses to the kindness of others.
  • Hunter’s hugs and comforting spirit.
  • The security of knowing our family was still together.”

God taught me so much during the summer following the fire. It was during that time that the vision, plan and creation of Whole Again Counseling + Wellness occurred.

Here are the words He gave me from the book “Seeking His Face” by Charles Stanley.
“Remember, when God calls you to do something, He will take care of the details. When He opens a door of opportunity, He expects you to go through it, all the while relying on Him to provide the knowledge and strength you need to do the task.

Don’t be plagued by doubts and fears. These can keep you from trying something new, something that could turn out to be a wondrous gift from God. Sometimes fear may strike so that everything within you wants to pull back where it is safe. But God has not called you to be fearful or afraid. Be DETERMINED!

Ask Him to encourage you and speak to your heart as you step out in faith. Keep your eyes focusing on the Lord. Let Him be your Guide and Refuge. Then when fears arise, He will be your Light of protection and your King of Hope.”